This is the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me

For today, anyway.liz phair

From Pitchfork:

Fifteen years after its Matador Records release in 1993, Exile in Guyville is getting the reissue celebration it deserves. On June 24, ATO Records will beef up the album with four bonus tracks from the original Guyville sessions as well as an accompanying DVD.

The bonus tracks: the solo cut “Ant in Alaska”, a song inspired by the Troggs’ “Wild Thing”, the full band cut “Say You”, and an untitled solo instrumental. “Ant in Alaska” and “Wild Thing” have both been previously attributed to Phair’s notorious pre-Guyville “Girly Sound” demos.

The DVD: Guyville Redux, a documentary about the making of the album, with a focus on the indie scene in the Wicker Park neighborhood of Chicago, out of which Phair sprung in the early 90s. In the documentary, Phair herself interviews a series of luminaries connected to the scene, including radio/TV personality Ira Glass, actor John Cusack (whose role in High Fidelity pretty much epitomized the kind of guy Phair disses on Exile in Guyville), Steve Albini, Matador’s Gerard Cosloy and Chris Lombardi, Guyville producer Brad Wood, members of Urge Overkill, and John Henderson of Chicago label Feel Good All Over.

So, along the lines of the Jezebel survey that tipped me off to the news, let’s talk about our favorite Liz Phair songs. Maybe your favorite lyrics from a Liz Phair song? Mine after the jump:

I don’t necessarily have a favorite Liz Phair song, I kind of go through phases. “Fuck and Run” was very meaningful for a time, and I’m still holding out for the day when some insightful local DJ will play it during their set.

Right now, I’m so into “Divorce Song” and “Shatter,” I’m grateful they are side by side on the album.

I think I am gonna go ahead and cast my vote for “Shatter.” It’s about two and a half minutes of instrumental, then Liz blurts out, “I know that I don’t always realize how sleazy it is messing with these guys…” and then it sort of turns into a love song. Perfect.

7 thoughts on “This is the Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me”

  1. dando!! the lemonheads are performing the entire “it’s a shame about ray” album at the paradise…actually, i think it’s tonight. um, i guess that info’s a bit late.

  2. “you fuck like a volcano and you’re everything to me” is my personal favorite from supernova on whip-smart.

  3. On a different note, anyone else excited about the re-release of the Lemonheads’ “It’s A Shame About Ray”? I’d forgotten how many of those songs I still know the words to.

  4. “Whip Smart” was pretty good too. Which record had the line: “fuck me from behind so we can watch TV”?

    Definitely getting this, as I’ve lost my original tape. Used to love Liz, shame she’s a teenager now.

  5. matthew lawrence

    i think whitechocolatespaceegg is the best. and i don’t know the last one all that well, but got my own thing is a really great song.

  6. former phair fan

    Exile in Guyville is a perfect album. In fact, I may go home and put it on later tonight. It spoke to me when it was first released. All the songs so perfectly illustrating where I was at in life then.

    So sad to see how things progressed with Phair though. To the point of when her “hit single” off her last album was released, I thought it was Avril Lavigne. I couldn’t believe it was my dear ol’ Liz.

  7. matthew lawrence

    positive t-cell regeneration! regeneration! positive t-cell regeneration!

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