We’re Not What You’d Call Fun Drunks

kegstand I’m not really sure where the data for a list like this comes from, but while researching the new Richard Florida book I found the list of the Top 101 Counties With The Highest Percentage of Residents That Drank Alcohol In The Past 30 Days.

Four of Rhode Island’s five counties made the list, with only the teetotaling goody two-shoeses in Bristol County preventing a clean sweep.  Better yet, Newport County was #1 for boozing it up in the entire country, and South County was #2, beating out such other tipsy places as Morris County, New Jersey (#3), Fairfield County, Connecticut (#4), and Norfolk County, Mass (#5).  Kent County was #28 and Providence County a respectible #69.  Massachusetts and Connecticut made the list six times each, and over a quarter of the total 101 were in New England.

It should also be noted that twelve of the 101 counties are in Jersey.

The explanation?  It might have to do with the relative lack of Bible-thumping in New England, or maybe the cold, but I’m pretty sure it has more to do with the fact that we’re all just really neurotic and disagreeable.  Really!  (Click the link and then look at ‘Personality Maps’ for more.)

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