senate hearing today, show your support

Jesse Stout Jesse Stout, Executive Director of RIPAC, the medical marijuana advocacy coalition, encourages all interested parties to attend today’s hearing at the State House to show support for the patients, doctors and experts testifying in front of the Senate’s Health and Human Services committee in favor of the ‘Compassion Center Bill’. Under this bill a non-profit organization would be licensed to grow and distribute marijuana to patients. And please remember the formality of the setting, seen here speaking at the 2007 National NORML Convention, Mr. Stout suggests “If you’re coming, please dress up a little — I’ll be in a suit, but as long as you’re not wearing jeans or sneakers you’ll be fine.” Call the RIPAC office (401.861.1601) with any questions.

Wednesday/4:15PM/room 212 State House/Smith Street/parking across the street in Dept. of Health lot

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