You Can’t Survive On Ice Cream

kills_longshot Am I the only one that thinks The Kills’ new Midnight Boom album is the best thing to come out in a million years? (Or, you know, at least in the last two months?) It’s got everything you could want in a rock and roll album–it’s dancy, it’s noisy, it’s silly, it’s dirty, it’s British, it’s American, and it’s totally fun to sing along to in the car.

Like heroin, the disc’s dozen songs are glamorous, gross and sweaty, made by and for people that are trashy and seductive in an alarmingly pale and thin CK one ad circa ’95 sorta way.  Iin fact the male half of the duo is even currently dating mother-of-one Kate Moss.

Alison Mosshart (aka VV) and Jamie Hince (aka Hotel), the two pseudo-junkie vegan weirdos that made the record, elude comparisons–yes, there’s two of them and they’re crazy, so they’re sorta like the White Stripes in a way; yes, she does sound a little like PJ Harvey sometimes; no, they sound nothing like the Stills or the Thrills, the two bands I confused them with when they all came out at the same time in 2003.

I’ve taken Midnight Boom almost everywhere for the past week or so and listened to it all day at work, at home, in the car, in the shower, and even in bed. It’s really addictive from the very first listen. In fact, I bought the Neon Neon album at the same time and I haven’t even listened to it once yet.

4 thoughts on “You Can’t Survive On Ice Cream”

  1. I’m liking it as well. The beginning of ‘cheap and cheerful’ where she hacks and clears her throat makes me laugh every time.

  2. I’d argue that Midnight Boom has a lot less to do with 1995 and a lot more to do with the current nu-rave movement that’s just about ready to spring out from its roots in East London and hop over the pond.

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