Swing Skirt Apron

So, usually I just make my own aprons, but I only do the skirt type because I like the fullness in the bottom, which leaves my top covered in flour most days.

Later today, I’ll be heading to Target to pick up toothpaste (2 for $5, plus I have a $1 off coupon), and some other things I don’t need but are on sale and I also have coupons for, which means double the savings. And, I’ll be picking up this totally adorable apron for $40 so I can copy the pattern and make a whole bunch for myself, my friends, and my family:

4 thoughts on “Swing Skirt Apron”

  1. i am a constant baker (in between school and work). i recv’d an apron for christmas..didnt like it…my grandmother gave me my great grandmothers apron…considered heirloom status…soooooo I will give you $20 if you can make me a fabulous apron in PINK with a lil extra swing ..

  2. mwahaha.

    I need an apron for everyday of the week. I’m pregnant and nesting/baking, so I get amazingly dirty and I don’t have a washer/dryer within easy distances to do laundry more than once a week (usually every other week).

  3. ummm, yeah, that’s really cute. “So, usually I just make my own aprons,” How many aprons do you really need??

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