Um, maybe not shit on poor people:

PROVIDENCE — The emotional debate over illegal immigration moved from the governor’s office to the steps of a church this afternoon as religious leaders from around the state called on Governor Carcieri to rescind his executive order cracking down on illegal immigrants.

More than 40 clergy members from various denominations gathered outside the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul and applauded as Rabbi Alan Flam described the governor’s order as poor public policy that will have “unintended negative consequences’’ including more “discrimination against people of color and immigrants in Rhode Island.’’

Even Bishop Thomas J. Tobin, leader of Rhode Island’s Roman Catholics, who described Carcieri, also a Catholic, as a compassionate man, said: “At least I would like the governor to look at this issue again very, very carefully and to study, to see if there is another way of accomplishing the goals he has in mind.’’

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    Segal-you can’t seriously believe that the criminal aliens who are in the ACI or convicted of felonies and in the community should be given any consideration whatsoever,whether they are legal residents or illegally in the US.If you do want to carry water for them,then you have some serious growing up to do.There are millions and millions of people in the world who would give their eyeteeth to come here and live their lives without bothering anyone,but when it comes right down to it,I believe you and your activist friends have the demented idea that is it somehow “humantarian” to help people who came here and committed serious offenses after arriving to avoid detection.

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