Paranoid Park starts Saturday

gabe nevins If you blinked you missed the first run of this movie but it’s coming back to the Cable Car Cinema, “The Theater With the Couches”. You pretty much know by now whether you like Gus Van Sant movies, and I do. This is the same ol’ youth, longing and death (now with 30% more skateboarding!). Director Gus Van Sant went to RISD and I’ll bet he sat on one of those couches at some point, wondering, just how many verses are there to ‘Teddy Bears’ Picnic’?

God bless directors who can bring a movie in under 90 minutes. Nothing is missing here, it’s disturbing and unsettling and beautiful — The New York Times liked it as well. (A theme seems to be developing here. I suppose my next movie post should be a little less gay. Iron Man looks good.)

Rated R/Cable Car Cinema/204 South Main Street

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