An Adorable Name for Misery

Little Old lady April is my birthday month, and I’m pretty excited about being way on the other side of 25.

I’ve weathered the “quarter-life crisis” that Oprah started talking about just as I graduated from college. I’m done with it!

Now, according to the London Times, another miserable period of malaise awaits me around my 35th birthday.

The cleverly descriptive buzzword: the thrisis.

If you’re in your mid-thirties, hassled by the dramas of juggling work and family, doubting decisions you’ve made professionally and personally, panicked by the aging process and dismayed that your years of snogging in nightclubs are behind you, then you’re probably in the grip of an early midlife crisis – otherwise known as a thrisis.

Okay, so, I can’t look forward to my 30s, or my 40s…Um, can I be happy in my 70s?

How about we create a buzzword for all the joys of old age? I need something to look forward to.

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