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-1 If you’re a marketing or PR firm you can send us all the press releases you want but we get to make fun of you if it’s stupid. Like this gem we got yesterday: “Calling all administrative assistants…are you a “ROCK STAR” assistant?” It doesn’t get any better after that:

In honor of Administrative Professionals’ Day on April 23rd, ROCKSTAR LIMO is calling for nominations for the ultimate “rock star” assistant. To nominate an administrative professional, send a 50 – 100 word essay on why this assistant is a true, everyday “rock star.”

An essay? It then goes on to use the term “rock star” 47 more times and: “Entries will be reviewed by a panel of Boston’s most high profile administrative assistants.” which means some intern who works for the PR company. Oh, and “winners” get to ride in a limo! A LIMO! That horrible/sad/grainy picture of “Pam” from The Office was sent along with the release so I’m not responsible for that.

4 thoughts on “Here’s The Deal…”

  1. I got the same message through Facebook. I will be transparent and admit that I have been on the sender side of press releases. However, as a recipient, I am amused by the blind spamming (Facebook outreach to people you don’t know should be limited to ads or through distant friend connections). Even more entertaining is that “Boston” is spelled wrong on the prize listing for the hotel location on their website.

    I am in no way trying to slam Rockstar Limo’s PR team. However, if you are going to launch a campaign of this magnitude, please proofread your writing first!

    Thanks for sharing your amusing post, Eric.

  2. i am sooo a ROCKSTAR administrative assistant. except i am actually an “associate administrative coordinator” which is obviously way more important and spectacular. somebody nominate me!

  3. I think he mean “gem”. The only “Jem” I know is from my favorite childhood cartoon/ 8 yr-old Halloween costume–Jem and the Holograms. She was such a badass…

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