There I go again…

I know that a lot of the folks carrying the pitchforks and torches are adamant that this is not about race, but excuse me for being a bit skeptical yet — for some people, it most certainly is.  This one just landed in Reps’ inboxes:

If Hispanics, Puerto Ricans, Cubans, Ethipians, or anyone else, chooses to stand in the way of Federal, and State, laws, or make any efffort to deter the carrying out of the laws against illegal immigrants, and especially the criminal illegal immigrant elements, then they should rightfully expect to receive a great deal of negative reaction from the law abiding citizens of your communities, who are heavily in favor of having your communities purged of illegal immigrants…

If the local Hispanic community attempts to conceal illegal immigrants, or protect illegal immigrants, by preventing law enforcement from doing their job, in any way, then they too, are breaking the law.

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    No David,it’s about behavior.I testified against your bill precisely because it would have shielded criminal aliens-I don’t know if you bothered to stick around for the three minutes(unlike extensive time for certain people)they gave me,but I pointed out that the police in the normal course of their duties run NCIC and criminal history checks,as well as fingerprint checks in the event of an arrest and that any ICE administrative warrant in NCIC would be for a criminal alien,as it would overload the system to put hundreds of thousands of non criminals in it. Criminal history checks would show prior srrests by ICE,INS,or Border Patrol,which constitutes an articulable fact for further investigation.Under your proposed law a state trooper stopping a van loaded with people being transported like animals in filthy conditions by predatory human traffickers,would have to just write a ticket and ignore what he saw.I spent 2 years on the AntiSmuggling Unit in Chicago(now called Human Trafficking) and you have no idea what I had to deal with.You may think you do,but you don’t.
    You just took an email that represents the lowest common denominator and are attempting to apply it to people who are concerned with illegal behavior and governmental abdication of responsibility.I guess your memory is short concerning “Reverend”Rivera stating that white people in Rhode Isalnd want to engage in ethnic cleansing-I found that particularly offensive as neither my wife,son,daughter,grandaughter,or daughter in law are white-oh wait,my son in law is,so I guess he and i want to ethnically cleanse the people we love.And I am sure you give all kinds of credibilbity to that racist scumbag Rivera.

  2. It’s almost unbelievable…yet it’s not. Hiding behind the guise of illegal immigration to expel their hatred is truly despicable.

    Keep fighting the fight.

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