‘The mean season is here’

Great column by Charlie Bakst on the forces gripping our state:

Spare me the assertion that your grandparents came here legally. You can hardly compare immigration laws — or ease of entry — now with then. Do you think the undocumented enjoy being illegal? By and large, don’t you think they would have preferred to come on the up and up if that had been doable?

And if you insist that, really, you’d embrace immigrants if they were legal, what are you doing to get Congress to make that a more realistic possibility?

And please don’t tell me you’d insist that all the undocumented here be sent home first before they could come back, especially if you contend that as many as 20 million or 30 million have streamed in here. That would be some airlift!

2 thoughts on “‘The mean season is here’”

  1. I say send them all back or change the meaning of the words legal and illegal.


    I don’t think it’s physically possible or even a desirable thing to attempt with regard to deporting 12-20 miilion people.However the criminal alien element,encompassing both resident aliens and illegal aliens who have committed certain crimes,is a manageable problem.There are a few million by most estimates.You,however seem to oppose even that,your recent bill being evidence of your attitude.I addressed that below in a previous post and at the statehouse.You have chosen to avoid answering.

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