Slavery: ‘something that happened a long time ago’

Over there on the right — that’s what a douchebag looks like:

Travis Rowley ’02, vice-chairman of the Rhode Island Young Republicans, responded to the bill on behalf of the organization in an e-mail to The Herald. “Almeida is a small-minded champion of political correctness,” Rowley wrote. “If he wishes to continue his obsession with what happened a long time ago, to people he did not know, he should do it on his own time.”

So says the name-calling, but soft-on-the-inside, Rowley: “When you’re made to feel stupid or mean for your views, it is a powerful way to shut someone up,” Rowley said.

3 thoughts on “Slavery: ‘something that happened a long time ago’”


    It depends who calls a person stupid or mean-if I heard that from Steven Brown or Merrill Charles Bakst I would take it as a sign I was that I was doing something right

  2. Christopher McAuliffe

    Phew!! Thank y’all so much for fighting these useless battles with puerile invective. It is truly a noble cause you serve. Keep truckin’!

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