A (Rachael) Ray to light up the the jewelry district

Insider sources have informed us that the one and only Rachael Ray (she’s so cool she gets an extra ‘a’) will be gracing Providence with her presence this Sunday when she will film her show at CAV in the jewelry district from 5:30 – 7:30pm.  If you love Rachael’s “no-fuss” attitude and fountains of cheer then help CAV pack the house, if you are frightened by her smile then go anyways and maybe your heckling will end up on national television!

[Note: The Daily Dose does not condone heckling of any sort, even when directed at those who  refer to Dunkin’ Donuts’ coffee as “fantabulous”]

3 thoughts on “A (Rachael) Ray to light up the the jewelry district”

  1. Hiya. More inside dish. Sorry to disappoint all you avid Ray fans out there, but from what I hear she’s not actually coming to Providence at all, it’s just her crew that’s filming here. She’ll be doing voiceovers from her cushy NYC studio.

  2. When i say inside i really mean inside the belly of the beast (and by that i mean our waiter at CAV the other day)

  3. Who are your “inside sources?” You are TOTALLY scooping me on the food news!

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