We have apparently won the Phoenix Best Shit of the Year or whatever, for best blog. Although we’ve recieved no official notice from them and it’s not on the website and I can’t find a copy of it anywhere. But still! We’ll keep you posted…

UPDATE: It’s official!

14 thoughts on “Huzzah!”

  1. DUDE! I’m missing movie day! WTF! You’ll probably go and get sandwiches too….wah wah wah

  2. You talk about boobies and peen on this site all the time. But, whatever. I’ll converse with Eric over chicken on Sunday. Skank.

  3. really guys? REALLY? this is where to talk about seeing moovies with boobies and peen. take this crap to myspace or something and let us bask in our victory…

  4. I guess it’s more up my alley, but I’m sure there will be some boobies in it for you.

  5. Dude, full frontal peen is definitely not my thing, but I’ll go see it anyways.

  6. hey eric, wanna go see forgetting sara marshall on monday? i hear that there’s a good deal of full frontal peen in it. right up our alleys!! also, congrats on being the best blog around!

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