Google Transit comes to Rhode Island!

ripta+google I’ve just been informed that our beloved RIPTA has just brought Google Transit to Rhode Island (and in so doing, confounded the sites “city (comma) state” naming convention, as we are listed as “Statewide, RI”). For those not familiar with Google Transit, there’s actually no need to visit the site directly. Whenever you use Google Map’s to “get directions” for RIPTA accessible locations, you’ll be presented with a “Take Public Transit” option. Instead of driving directions, Google will show you what bus(es) to take along with their expected departure time(s). For example, suppose you’re flying into TF Green to attend tonight’s Local 121 Primary Shindig, you can do this. Public transport enthusiasts rejoice!

5 thoughts on “Google Transit comes to Rhode Island!”

  1. was literally, yesterday, wondering why such a thing did not to my knowledge exist.

  2. this is amazing! this will be helpful in my job search. now i’ll be able to figure out if i can even get to the jobs i’m applying for.

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