No more plastic…. anything

Pacific gyre This will be my hippie-dippy earth day contribution. No one who has read a description of the North Pacific garbage gyre (two vortices really) remains unchanged. ‘Polymers are Forever’ by Alan Weisman first appeared as an article in Orion Magazine. It was later incorporated into his excellent book The World Without Us and maybe you saw him on The Daily Show. So, get the plastic shopping bags out of your life anyway.  Just get a couple of totes and leave them in your car. It’s easy. Now, how am I supposed to buy shampoo?

5 thoughts on “No more plastic…. anything”

  1. I’m no cyclist maniac (I can barely make it up any Providence hills on mine), but I do think the electric bicycle is ironic, especially in a discussion about conservation and reducing one’s “carbon footprint” on earth day.

    that garbage whirlpool should be a theme park and a mandatory field trip for all schoolchildren… who will have to get there by fashioning some sort of sustainably-harvested wooden viking ship, on which they will paddle out themselves.

    clearly I don’t believe in conserving run-on-sentences haha.


  2. I’d love to get rid of my car. In my own defense I walk a lot. I have a friend with an electric bicycle that is the coolest thing and you don’t even have to register it. I really want one of those. I hope someone does that shampoo thing here soon.

  3. there’s places that sell shampoo in bulk, where you can just reuse the same bottles and get fancy brands for like $4 a bottle.

    just not around here, sadly.

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