Bike Path Resistance

Some news about the Woonasquatucket River Greenway project that came across my rss feed:

It seems that the Mayor of Johnston wants to to prevent the continuation of the Woonasquatucket Greenway into and through his town.

He has discounted the input of non-residents and only considers the opinions of voters – right now the nimbys along the proposed greenway.

If you are a resident of Johnston we need you to keep on top of this situation. If you have the inclination you can write:
Mayor Joseph M. Polisena
Johnston Town Hall
1385 Hartford Avenue
Johnston, Rhode Island 02919

or call: 401-553-8800

about this issue. We need to counter the influence of the nay sayers who fear that marauding thieves will plunder their neighborhoods on bikes.

I wasn’t in the area at the time the EBBP was built, but from what I hear, these concerns are similar to those raised prior to the EBBP.  I doubt there are many people who now look at the EBBP as a blight on their neighborhood.

If you live in Johnston, here is your call to action.

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  1. Matthew Lawrence

    People did that in Cranston, too. I think the fear’s not so much thieves on bicycles as much as that it gives teenagers a place to congregate where they’re not under direct supervision. Which means they’ll shoot up and kill animals and leave their graffiti things all over the place.

    On the Cranston bike path there is (or was–I’m not on Dyer Avenue very often) a giant sign telling you to bring a rape whistle if you go there after dark.

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