so the baby came out your nose?

beautiful mommy Here’s a new entry in the self-loathing sweepstakes — how to talk to the children about your cosmetic surgery. In his new book (to be released on Mother’s Day) plastic surgeon Michael Salzhauer outlines the approaches for talking to your kids about being shallow and insecure and why the family won’t have a vacation this summer. Speaking to Newsweek magazine, one satisfied patient said she had read the book a half a dozen times with her 9-year-old son.

Instead of being uncomfortable about the surgery, Acosta says her son actually spoke up about it at a big party. “Did you see her new belly button? It’s so pretty!” he said of his mom. “I think he was proud,” she says.

Wait’ll he sees her tits.

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  1. What the Newsweek story doesn’t mention is that the book is a self-published vanity piece. If not for all the media attention (which in itself is pretty peculiar and seems paid for), no one would have ever heard of the book. It doesn’t even have a verifiable ISBN.

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