28 hours later

viennaguy So what have we learned? Zombies move faster than you might think… when being chased by angry bar managers. And they dance okay too, although that fetid odor of rotting flesh and dried blood makes them somewhat undesirable partners. Ghouls on the other hand smell quite nice thank you. And they are snappy dressers and are frankly pretty hot in a baseball furies/thriller/heroin chic-goes-to-the-prom kind of way. Mostly what I learned at the happening at Studio Blue on Friday night (and if you missed it you are to be pitied) is that watching a guy* eat a light bulb is actually pretty damn entertaining. One rarely sees such aggressive good cheer and anarchic party energy. What a scene — and it was in Riverside.

What I did not learn on Friday cuz I knew it already, is that The Viennagram is amazing and fun and they rock. I like that Viennaguy a lot but I didn’t get his name. (They will be playing May 9 at Firehouse 13, and again on May 21st at AS220. Go see for yourself.)

*who was he, and is he okay?

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