onward Christian soldiers

Bush crusades My new hero is Army Specialist Jeremy Hall, a young man who had wanted to make the armed services his career, but has been forced instead to sue the army for repercussions suffered after refusing to join in prayer. CBS News Sunday Morning (as well as today’s ProJo) details his recent battles and the predicament faced by all those not wishing to sign up with the evangelical nutbags running today’s armed forces.

[Hall] says atheism has cost him. After he refused to join in a prayer, he says he was ostracized and passed over for promotion. He sued the Army for discrimination. Then he was threatened when word got out that he had filed a lawsuit.

“They had found out who I was,” Hall said. “And I had about six to eight guys following me around in Qatar. And they were saying stuff like, ‘atheist ass pirate,’ ‘faggot,’ ‘I’m gonna beat your ass.'”

Career military man, Mikey Weinstein, never encountered any problems with proselytizing Christians until his son Casey joined the new Bush-era Air Force Academy, now being run by Bible-pounding morons. Their legal battle is the topic of the documentary ‘Constantine’s Sword’, which has already been released in New York, and hopefully will be coming here soon. Thank goodness recruitment and retention aren’t problems for us right now.

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