Printshop Fundraiser, Brunch-sale, and Dance Party


Michaela Zacchilli is an amazing graphic artist and sender of insane missives like the one below. If I were you I’d be scared not to go to this, she’d probably show up at your house and start drawing on your face. 

hello hello hello, dear friends!
plz join us @ narwhal arms (mathewson/washington–above blake’s) this SATURDAY may 3rd 11am-3pm for DIRTY/CHEAP PRINT-BRUNCH (a tiny
fundraising event for as220 community printshop!), which involves FREE
brunchy-type food items (like, HELLO, vegan LENTIL SOUP not brunchy
more lunchy but whatevs, free COFFEE i’m gonna drink it all so watch
out BAGELS which are hard to come by i hear and really brutal PANCAKES
personally flipped by yours truly that may or may not be gluten free
just to keep it alt-lyfe u know; anyway) and besides all the free
food, bring your dolla$$$$ ‘cuz we going to have a wicked cheap print
(some nice prints&posters from $3-$15!!!!!!!!!!!) AND a RAFFLE
(raffle is the new keg party) for a print and a fish pillow (which
bleeds authentic fire). it’s going to be really special (friends).
p.s. ALL $$ from prints sold goes to p-shop (aka as220 community

Oh, there’s more…

and just when you thought that was it, join us AGAIN on SATURDAY may
3rd (the very same saturday), same place
(narwhalarms/mathewson/washington/blake’s/u know!!!), 7 hrs later,
@10pm for a really brutal totally outrageous DANCE PARTY/MAKEOUT SESH
cause if there’s one thing this town likes more than printmaking it’s
DANCING (and/or making out). the evening will feature:
***LUNA VROUM (america’s sweetheart)
and the world dj debut of:
***LIL’ MILK (the tiniest milk east of the mississippi)
***loads of smiles/high fives (which is a thing, not the name of a dj)
$5 suggested donation (all $$$ from cover donated to as220 community

it will be fun and if you miss it you MAY (get it? MAY?) feel sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
tell your friends tell your mother tell your empty shopping cart!!
thnx and hope to see you there!!!!

<3 <3

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