One more go at it

Tomorrow (Thursday). Fundraiser. For me. Please come — it’ll be sweet, for real:

Rep David Segal has spent the last 5+ years advocating for environmentalism, social justice, civil rights, and civil liberties while on the Providence City Council and in the Rhode Island General Assembly.

Now, as elections approach, he needs your support.

For more info, or to donate online, please visit

Thursday, May 8th
75 South Street, Jewelry District

The What Cheer? Brigade
The Low Anthem
The Trolleys


Thanks for your support!

Here’s the Projo’s write-up on last year’s event:

For Segal, a laid-back fundraiser at Nick’s political scene

01:00 AM EDT on Monday, May 7, 2007

By Scott MacKay, John Mulligan, Steve Peoples and Elizabeth Gudrais

Journal Staff Writers

Nick-a-Nees, the cinder-block bunker of a bar in Providence’s Jewelry District, is known for its friendly bartenders, an unadorned, dog-friendly ambience and a come-as-you-are, casual clientele. But last Thursday evening, Nick’s, as it is affectionately known, was the scene of one of the more unconventional State House political fundraisers of this, or any other, political season.

The time was for Rep. David Segal, D-Providence, a first-termer and former Providence councilman. Segal represents a district anchored by the city’s Fox Point neighborhood on the East Side. His time drew an eclectic crowd.

The brassy What Cheer marching band stormed in and entertained the throng. The younger Segal supporters — some looking no older than the RISD and Brown students who populate this district — hung outside, chatting and sipping drinks. One older legislator who was accepting kudos from the young group was Rep. Thomas Slater, D-Providence, sponsor of the medical-marijuana legislation that passed the House and Senate last week.

Even a few Republicans salted the crowd, including House Minority Leader Robert Watson, R-East Greenwich, and Nicholas Gorham, R-Coventry. Few lobbyists showed up.

Most unusual — there were none of the usual fundraiser trappings, such as name tags, comp tickets or people at the door keeping out people who didn’t pay. It didn’t matter whether you contributed to Segal’s political fund or just stopped by Nick’s to watch Manny Ramirez hit two home runs in the Sox victory.

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