save the whales…but kill this freaking bird!

woodpecker I believe my urbanite credentials are now in order.  I have just been outside my apartment building throwing rocks at a woodpecker in a tree (he came right back).  I bet a well-aimed bottle rocket would do the trick.  I moved to the city to get away from these problems.  Where are those damn falcons?!!!!!

3 thoughts on “save the whales…but kill this freaking bird!”

  1. Nope. Leave the tree be. This is nesting season so both the male and female are eating for two. High quality protein is what they’re craving right now.

    If you get some suet at Stop and Shop, you’ll have to fashion a wire basket to hold the suet. Hang it in the tree as close to where he’s pecking as possible. He’ll find it. You’ll have peace.

  2. Soooo, I didn’t have to chop down that tree? Actually he was back yesterday (but for a shorter time). Maybe I’ll get me some suet.

  3. The solution is simple. Give that downy woodpecker something else to eat. Downies *love* suet–nice, soft, quiet–suet. Put some out and as soon as he (and your photo is of a male) finds it, he’ll forget about the bugs in that tree. The butchers at Stop and Shop can set you up with some or anyplace that sells wild bird seed will have suet. For a buck’s worth of cow fat, I have peace, quiet and I get to watch a really pretty bird. Forget about the bottle rocket; your neighbors will be plenty pissed. Don’t ask me how I know this.

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