Bunch of cool stuff opens up

I’m pretty psyched about a few recent restaurant happenings. Two for now:

Stanley’s Hamburgers just opened in the Jewelry District. They sport a classy, cartoony, greasy decor, the usual burgers and seafood, and a really solid veggie burger to boot. (And a website that sometimes actually loads.) They’re open til 2am every night, and make for great post-Nick-a-Nee’s grub.

Also, Victoria’s has opened at 184 Ives Street. Having lived within a few blocks of there for the last 5+ years, I’ve seen a number of spots fail miserably: Ives St. Pizza, that weird coffee shop, the Ethan Ris/Richard Pacheco campaign HQ, and, most recently Amici’s.

Victoria’s seems like the first place that might actually last: a menu that makes sense, delivery, 2am close — and even cigars and cigs, for folks who indulge in such nonsense.

5 thoughts on “Bunch of cool stuff opens up”

  1. yeah, trevor’s — couldn’t remember the name. didn’t even know they had pizza there. and then amici’s didn’t even serve coffee.

  2. matthew lawrence

    what weird coffee shop? you mean trevor’s? i liked that place! although i didn’t like the seating or the ikeaness of it, they had pretty good pizza and sweet tea.

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