Cutest Vegetarians Alive

KellyLeonard This happened like two weeks ago, but I just got the e-mail that Peta2, the branch of the animal rights organization aimed at Dilinger Escape Plan-loving teenagers, finally announced the winners of its Cutest Vegetarian Alive contest.

18-year old Kelly Anderson has terrible Karen O hair with mysterious yet grating blonde pigtails, but she makes up for it with a really cute t-shirt; Leonard Sun, the totally emo boy winner, has a lip ring and the same camera as me and according to his bio he’s really into tight pants and big sunglasses.

Because I have lots of free time and an unhealthy addiction to the internet, I had been following the competition pretty closely when it first started; 32 original contestants were featured, each with a little bio and one photo, and visitors to the site all voted for their favorites–the Peta2 website is something to behold, but I won’t get into why because that’s more the subject for a dissertation than a blog post.

Naturally, all the contestants have perfected the art of taking lots and lots of pretty pictures of themselves, and a bunch of them have three or four Myspace profiles just to keep up with their trillions of friends.

Not that I was checking their Myspaces or anything.  I mean, you know, except to get some context about them and to evaluate how cute their other pictures were.  And stuff.  Kayle, for instance, looked pretty cute in his picture on the Peta2 site, despite the really lame Transformers tattoo on the back of his hand and the fact that his name is freaking Kayle.  But, upon closer inspection, what a dopey cheesebucket!

Jordan‘s pictures were less impressive than I thought they would be (as were the Youtube videos of him snowskating), but I liked the range of stuff going on with sixteen-year old Austin‘s pictures.

Of course, all this was entertaining for about five minutes, and then it got mildly creepy because I realized I was judging the cuteness of boys and girls that were as young as fourteen.  And rather than letting Peta2 turn me into a pervy old man, I thought I’d just stop voting.

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