All week long: Justice, or Just Us?

Please come out for this important week-long criminal justice reform conference/festival. Here’s Ariel’s Phoenix piece on it. Schedule is below and here. All discussion panels are free.

“Justice or Just Us?,” which Reilly describes as a “series of events designed to make us question the state of justice in our society” marks the realization of many of his dreams. Taking place from May 12 to 18 at Perishable Theatre and AS220 (95 and 115 Empire St., Providence), the festival offers 26 events, ranging from music, comedy, and slam poetry to film, theater, and a free discussion series sponsored by the RI Coun-cil for the Humanities.

May 12
“From the Front Lines” Tony Papa, artist and Communications Specialist for Drug Policy Alliance; JAnthony Tommasi of L.E.A.P. (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition); moderated by Jim Taricani

May 13
5pm “Power to the People: New Tools for the Trade” – Matt Jerzyk on IT and organizing;

7pm Jimmy Baca (writer, activist, former prisoner) spits his poetry, shares his power and story of triumph over adversity;

8:30 “Mixing Media: Influencing Cultural Ideas” – Jimmy Baca, John Mahone, Dr. Sandra Enos, and Xander Marro;

10pm Rolla, Sneaky Pete, and Who Dem?

May 14
7pm In House Freestyle
Live sketch comedy… from da ‘hood

8:30 “The Prison Industrial Complex” – Dr. Glen Loury, Mimi Budnick, and D.O.C. Director A.T. Wall- and Saigon

10pm Lexx, Riders Against the Storm, Fedd Hill, and SAIGON

May 15
Poetry ft. Lemon, Inphynit, Supreme, ACI writers, and BSS RhodeShow

8:30 “Artists and Social Change” – Bert Crenca (AS220), Teny Gross (Institute for Study and Practice of Nonviolence), and Ghyslaine Jean (In House Freestyle);

10pm Corinne Wahlberg, P.J. Pacifico and The Low Anthem

May 16
6pm “Railroaded in RI” – workshop on two wrongfully convicted brothers in the ACI

7pm “The Exonerated” performed by 1000 lbs Guerilla Theatre;

8:30 “Race: A Card in the Game” – Dr. Doc Lafayette (URI), Pamela Steager (Institute of Peace), and Sol Rodriguez (Family Life Center);

10pm What Cheer Brigade and The Debo Band

May 17
1pm “The Exonerated”;

3pm “Innocence and Prisons” – Dr. David Zlotnick (RWU Law) and RI Innocents, and Neil Lomax (exonerated after 39 years)

5pm “2008: The Legislative Agenda” – Justice Reinvestment Coalition, (Nick Horton) RI Family Life Center, (Mimi Budnick) DARE, Rep. Joe Almeida, Sen. Harold Metts,and Rep. David Segal;

7pm “The Exonerated”;

8:30 “In the Cell: Rehabilitative Effects of Prison?” – Andres Idarraga (ACI to Yale Law), Roberta Richman (DOC Rehabilitation Director), Immortal Technique;

10pm Immortal Technique, w/ Chachi and Big Scythe

May 18
1pm “Loose Change: Final Cut” film screening

1pm “The Exonerated”

3pm “U.S. v Terror” – Dylan Avery and Korey Rowe (Loose Change)

5pm “The Road from Here” – Providence Community

and more….
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all Discussions are FREE!
thanks to RI Council for the Humanities.

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