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barbarella Tonight at 11:00PM (the local listing says 11:30) VH-1 will show the first episode (‘Save it For Marriage’) of Sex: The Revolution. There is supposed to be a lot of great old footage from sex education films, and John Waters is one of the talking heads, so that’s a good sign. I see that one of the topics is ‘the effect of the VCR on the porn industry’ which can not be overstated. And since Jane Fonda’s current sex-ploits are limited to molesting Stephen Colbert (creepy) and talking dirty on the Today Show (sad), the scenes from Barbarella might show that she was once something more than an embarrassing old twat.

2 thoughts on “might be good”

  1. I’m certainly glad to have the opinion of an expert, but I hope I didn’t trespass into your bailiwick (although I’m sure you have a lovely bailiwick). And when i think about it… as good as you gals are on the topic of sex, that’s how good I am at watching TV. So I guess ‘watching sex on tv’ should be mine.

  2. I actually watched the whole series this week (um…research for the column…) and it was pretty awesome. Def worth checking out…

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