“This promotion is designed to reward the traveler for driving”

Huh?  I get what they’re trying to do.  But super-awkward way of explaining it.

Newport, RI, May 24, 2008 –(PR.com)– On Friday, May 23, 2008 Perry Kessler, Director of Marketing at the Newport Marriott hotel, in the heart of historic Newport, Rhode Island, announced a summer gas card promotion aimed at fighting tough economic times. “The high price of gas is a struggle, especially on the tourism and travel industry”, Kessler explained, “This promotion is designed to reward the traveler for driving, for each night they stay they will earn a $20 name brand gas card.”

5 thoughts on ““This promotion is designed to reward the traveler for driving””

  1. Sandy Johnston

    I didn’t realize but they would give me a card everyday so I got $75 because we stayed for three days. Single Mom on a trip with kids got a free whole tank of gas for my gas guzzlin’ monster SUV – waahhoooo. They have a cool pool and everything.

  2. Thomas Jorgan

    I stayed two nights and got a choice between a Mobile or Sunnoco card so I picked one of each. Cool hotel, they have a great restaurant.

  3. Johanna Christianson

    I was just complaining about the price of gas and looking for a place to go that wasn’t too far of a drive – when I saw this, even though it’s a little further away, it solved my problems!

  4. Jacob Wienberg

    A very clever thing, I’ll try it. My wife and I go here frequently becasue it’s a great getaway location.

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