Ari Savitzky is famous

We at the Providence Daily Dose do not like to boast, self-promote, or influence political opinion (or, wait, isn’t that all we do?), but contributor Ari Savitzky is famous.  You heard it here first unless you heard him on NPR this morning. 

Speaking for Fair Vote Rhode Island, Savitzky was sound bitten twice.  The first one I heard was about Rhode Island moving from the Electoral College system to a popular vote system.   The second sound bite was about pre-registering 16 and 17-year-olds to vote.  His voice can be described as velvety and smooth.

For one day only, Ari Savitzky’s fame is now slightly above Representative David Segal and one droplet below WRNI correspondent Megan Hall.

Signing off, this is Leslie Friedman, striving to be more famous than the dancing traffic cop.

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