Plowgate post-mortem

The special commission on the Dec 13 storm just released its report:

The report makes specific recommendations for preventing a similar catastrophe. Among them are canceling school whenever at least 4 inches of snow are forecast; identifying buildings where buses can bring students in emergencies; providing legal immunity for Good Samaritans who volunteer assistance in an emergency; streamlining the process for declaring a state of emergency; and increasing fines for residents who fail to clear sidewalks.

4 thoughts on “Plowgate post-mortem”

  1. Victoria Andolina

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but in any city sidewalks are public property and the duty is left up to the city to maintain them. While traditionally it has been up to the residents to clear sidewalks during snowstorms the ultimate burden is not placed on them. People, like my grandparent, are not capable of shoveling their sidewalks. If the city cares about their citizens so strongly invest in keeping the sidewalks safe on their own dime. On top of cancelling school when 4 inches of snow are forecasted, this ruling makes no sense to me.

    After reading this report you think Rhode Island was located next to Florida or something. Rhode Island is a New England. Snow is nothing new to this area. It’s saddening to see that Rhode Islands “Hurricane Katrina” will be known as a 4 inch snow storm. I think the report fails to grasp how extremely flawed our state government infrastructure really is.

  2. Increasing fines for unshoveled sidewalks is all well and good, but one would need to get cited to begin with. And it should be, residents and businesses.

  3. And “increasing fines for residents who fail to clear sidewalks”?

    This may not be a bad idea. Un-shoveled sidewalks are often really hazardous to pedestrians.

    But, it’s hard to see how it would have helped “prevent a similar catastrophe.” Would you fine homeowners who were stuck in traffic for not clearing their sidewalks? Would the traffic have been lessened if the sidewalks had been clear?

  4. Victoria Andolina

    Cancelling school for 4 inches of snow? They know this is New England right?

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