when did everyone get so thirsty

bottlesYou don’t need 8 bottles of water a day, that was always a scam. Look, since the economy is tanking anyway, let’s just put the bottled-water people out of business while we’re at it. If you can’t get worked up about the problem of plastic persisting in the environment and the food chain, think of the money you could save. For anyone lucky enough to be tapped into the Scituate Reservoir, buying water is a complete waste of money. The annual Water Quality Report from Providence Water arrived in today’s mail. Based on 2007 testing, things look pretty good. (I wish that under ‘Substances that Might be in Drinking Water’ they had addressed the issue of hormones, mood stabilizers, etc., traces of which have appeared in water supplies elsewhere. And the person responsible for writing the following sentence — “During 2007, Providence Water had an exceedance of the lead action level.” — should be beaten about the head. Of course, maybe he or she was exposed to high levels of lead as a child.)

The Alan Weisman book The World Without Us includes a chapter called ‘Polymers are Forever’ which describes the North Pacific Garbage Gyre. Some thing called VBS.TV has finally gotten a film crew out to this place. These intrepid investigators (more Scooby-Doo than 60-Minutes) with admirable ambitions if limited articulation sailed out with Captain Charles Moore to examine ‘Garbage Island’. (Video after break. Also, Lewis Black on hydration and those douchebags who need to wear a bottle in a sling to walk 3 blocks.)


Lewis Black on Water


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  1. Ari Savitzky

    Those Poland spring scam artists have been bilking me for years. It’sw back to straight Coca-Cola- It’s cheaper anyway.

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