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Jesse at NORMLCheck out the June issue of Providence Monthly (no reading it online, you must pick up a hard copy) for a piece on the Compassion Center Bill currently working its way through the RI legislature. Spearheading this effort is RIPAC executive director, Jesse Stout (seen here speaking at last year’s annual NORML convention). The bill would address the problem of safe access to medical marijuana for the patients and caregivers who are now legally allowed (under RI law anyway) to possess it. The new law would “direct the Department of Health to license and regulate a nonprofit distribution center, providing patients with a safe and reliable source of quality, affordable marijuana”.

The article is written by the always cuddly John Taraborelli, who may or may not be responsible for the photo caption identifying Mr. Stout as “The Mariju-Warrior”. (Did he say “ju”? I distinctly heard him say “ju”.)

To help support this initiative, go to RIPAC. Also read Mr. Stout’s June 2nd Pro-Jo op-ed piece.

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