Dethklok For Cutie

metalocalypse guys

Really? This is what’s behind the curtain? Not really very death-y. I mean I knew it was a cartoon but… really?! At any rate, good news for Metalocalypse fans, Dethklok is a real band and it’s touring. Nearest venue — the Palladium in Worcester, June 24th. Mr. Small (Berklee grad!) and Mr. Blacha are the subject of today’s ‘A Night Out With’ column in the NYT where they go out and raise hell in a …. sushi bar! Okay that’s not very metal but… they totally charged the whole thing to Adult Swim. Check out the Metalocalypse site where Brendon will teach you how to play the theme, although about a minute in he starts getting really frustrated with how slow and stupid you are.

Metalocalypse/Adult Swim/Cartoon Network/Sunday 11:45PM

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