buy tickets to fool’s ball RIGHT NOW

OH WELL HEY AGAIN just serial blogging to remind you not to forget to immediately buy tickets to AS220’S totally brutal, wicked hottttt, ultra-provi-chic party of your LIFE annual fun(d)raiser FOOL’S BALL.

The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. WHY? because where else will you be june 28th? SITTING AT HOME CRYING INTO YOUR GLASS OF CARLO ROSSI CAUSE YOU’RE NOT AT FOOL’S BALL, THAT’S WHERE.

ANYWAY GREAT what you SHOULD DO is buy fool’s ball tickets from me for $15 as opposed to buying them at the door for $20, because paying $5 extra for being wishy-washy sucks wicked hard. and if you DON’T, i’ll be forced to attempt to hustle money out of you in public places, such as the taqueria, possibly during friendly lunches, especially if your name is dave segal. and i’ll never stop. NEVER!!!!

ALSO PLEASE KEEP IN MIND, and i’ll try to say this gently so not to crush any egos, no matter how VIP you think you is you won’t get in for free UNLESS you volunteer to help out, OR are performing (OR obnoxiously hustling… email to volunteer) SO you might as well buy a ticket. from me. or the bar. or one of the various other potentially less thrifty (and certainly less wordy…also: less attractive) ticket-hustlers running around town hustling tickets.

AND SO, TO CONCLUDE, hunt me down, buy tix, have fun, you won’t regret it. HERE, LOOK, I’LL EVEN MAKE IT EASY: you can buy tix (or sandwiches) from me monday, tuesday and thursday before 3pm at CAFFE PAZZO (YEAH, REMEMBER THAT PLACE?) on steeple st, next to new rivers (where all your best friends work).

UHHH for more possibly less spazzy info on fool’s ball: [HERE]

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