Deval Patrick: 100 x More Awesome than Our Governor

gov Reason #1:

Citing a tripling in domestic violence homicides in the past two years, Gov. Deval Patrick yesterday declared a “public health emergency” and directed health and safety officials to review data over the past three years and produce a trend analysis.

In 2007, there were 42 murders and 13 suicides related to domestic violence, averaging almost one a week and the highest rate since the early 90s, according to Jane Doe Inc., an advocacy group. In 2005, there were 15 murders and four suicides.

While Carcieri moves forward with his executive order against illegal immigration, Mary Lauby of Jane Doe, Inc., an organization devoted to ending domestic violence, points out that one reason for the rise in murders is all the anti-immigration sentiment. It seems many immigrant women are afraid to come forward and report cases of abuse.

Just another reason why hating on our immigrant population sucks.

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  1. unfortunately both of them are leading their state’s economies into hell in a handbasket.

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