to the PPD from the PDD*

tagged Could you guys maybe worry a little less about speeding and a little more about graffiti? Aren’t you even a little embarrassed that these evil-doers are now tagging your own equipment with apparent impunity? Put down the radar you wusses — you’ve got real guns — use ’em.

*actually the opinions expressed here are strictly my own and do not reflect those of the Providence Daily Dose who are for the most part a bunch of uber-wusses, except there is that one other heterosexual gentile who seems pretty butch

6 thoughts on “to the PPD from the PDD*”

  1. We have these over on the East Side where children have not been seen playing outside in decades. My real gripe is that these very wide, straight-aways are posted 25 miles-an-hour and that’s just ridiculous. And that every vertical surface has been scribbled on.

  2. I’m actually interested in where the photo was taken. We’ve been trying to get a traffic engineer in our neighborhood since last August to deal with a speeding problem. It’s no fun to have your kid playing outside on a quiet residential street with cars trying to break the sound barrier in 100 yards. We’d love one of these in our hood.

    Alas, Leon Tejada became our elected councilperson and, well, he just doesn’t seem to care about the speeding. Come to think of it, he doesn’t seem to care about doing much for our neighborhood at all.

    Can’t wait for the 2010 election…

  3. also, when you consider how many innocent people have actually been killed by the police, it seems grossly irresponsible to challenge the police to use their weapons. I don’t know anything about the poster, but I am guessing that she does not come from a background in which her family was threatened by police violence.

  4. why are you dissin’ the graffiti? graffiti is awesome, and until a short while ago, the old abandoned masonic temple was an east coast graffiti mecca. now it has some crappy veterans museum. ‘sup with that?

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