what’s in it for us?

boxes What exactly is the nature of the relationship between the city of Providence and the owners of these boxes? I’m guessing host/parasite. What do we get out of these contraptions besides visual blight and exposure to liability? This is ugly crap that nobody needs and it’s spreading like a virus that makes you want to kill yourself. I like The Phoenix and The Dig as much as the next person, but they will have to find distribution methods that do not mar the aesthetics of the city and block the sidewalk for people in wheelchairs. They really seem to be metastasizing downtown, which is particularly sad because the Downtown Improvement District does a great job with clean-up, and the plantings are very cool.  The owners of these boxes should get a call from City Hall… ASAP.

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  1. The Dig actually had a piece about these last week. Apparently Boston is raising the annual fee for publications that use these boxes and putting a cap on the number that any one publication can have. They made it out to seem like the new legislation could be a 1st amendment issue.

  2. No, P, this is one of those little issues that build and add up until you have a lot of little dumb shit adding up to a big ugly pile. These things are ugly and useless and there’s a better way to get these publications out there. Plus, this is only one picture of several instances where these box rows are blocking the ramp up from the street, jutting out into the sidewalk and generally fucking up what little visual splendor this city sometimes has.

    Plus, I think we cover the condo/development/crime issues pretty thoroughly as well. Pay attention!

  3. this really isn’t a big deal. why not write stories about the conversion to condo’s of our historic buildings or gang violence.


  4. How about doing something with the land behind those boxes? At least the boxes serve some purpose. Although if they actually do hinder wheelchair access, I agree something should be done.

  5. The Phoenix, Dig, and other actual news publications aren’t a problem for me as long as their boxes are not blocking crosswalks (like in your picture). It’s sometimes hard to find a place that has all the free publications. As for the other sales papers like Automart, the real estate ones, etc… those can go buh bye for all I care.

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