open print/poster/awesome show @ 5 traverse gallery!


HEY SO there’s a poster/print show this FRIDAY @ 5 Traverse Gallery on the corner of wickenden st. and traverse st (a.k.a next to kabloom, across from the utrecht parking lot– have a latte at coffee xxx-change, eat some cous cous). it’s an OPEN SHOW which means ANYONE can show up and put their prints/posters/flyers/p-copies/l-press/litho-graph-y/s-skreens/etchings/openbitez/soft embosses/pulp prints/etc etc etc up on the wall. maybe some dudes will buy some stuff!
as jay z (local jay z, not beyonce’s jay-z) would say: “IT IS WHAT U MAKE IT”. some come through and MAKE IT GOOD!!!!!

here is the call jesse put out:
“Opening FRIDAY June 20th 7-9PM

The white walls are hungry for imagery in the form of posters and the scene is hungry for people who love posters. As the artists show up the walls fill up. As the poster lovers show up the walls become bare. It’s a give and take and a romance.

This notice is a call to artists as well as art lovers.

I have the entire stash from Forever XV, a print shop that used to be on Broadway, It’s a trove of historical documents that will come out of the trunk on the opening night as well.

Welcome to the flat files at 5 Traverse!

The show opens FRIDAY June 20th 7-9PM with blank walls. Post your work on arrival and let the bidding begin.”

see you there!!!

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