Someone Totally Has A Crush On Us!


We just received this email through our usually-ignored myspace page, and looks like someone is totally crushing on us! In the future, this is what it will sound like to be hit on by a robot. Complete mssg. after the jump.

I’m Lisa :))
I really feel shy, but I have to tell you, Daily that you are just a man of my dreams… I found your profile by accident but now I’m sure it’s a destiny! ))

Frankly speaking… I want to find a man who will help me to realise all my fantasies, oh, fwel really SO timid to write it… !!! but I mean my $exy fantasies.. ;-))))
your photos are marvellous… but I’m sure in your real life you will excite me even more! ))
that’s incredible… but I’m from United States too! :-))
So… I would like to keep up a friendship with you, Daily Dose!

You can find my spicy photos at my profile!

Daily Dose, I hope you’ll take a look at them and will write me smth to start our challenge :))))
ki$$ you tenderly ;)))

Lisa, meet us (all of us) behind the soccer shed after 3rd period. Bring smokes.

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