Dontchya think…

…the person who should be the President is, like, the person whom the most people think should be president?

What is it, after all, that makes it so that the government is democratic, rather than tyrannous?

Well, in my conception — and, for the record, that of the ever-deified FOUNDING FATHERS — it is this concept called popular sovereignty.

We, The Legislature, have legitmate power _only_ because The People say so — That’s why we get to make laws that are backed by the coercive authority of the state.

So it’s awesome that the National Popular Vote has passed, and been sent to the Governor. Not so great, however, that it passed by such a slim majority in the House of Reps — 34-28 — especially since the concept is overwhelmingly supported by the people of Rhode Island.

And so I ask my colleagues: If the people don’t support the entities that make the laws, then why the heck should said entities get to make them?

If you didn’t have popular support, why would you get to tell people what they should do? And if the president doesn’t have popular support, why should he or she get to boss the rest of us around?

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