empty suit holds on to empty office

empty office People whose opinions I respect keep telling me that Jeff Neal is not a bad guy — to which I say — he should resign his post as the governor’s spokes-doosh. Thanks to today’s report in the ProJo we now know that the state is still paying $2000/month for a Washington D.C. office space (“in the coveted Hall of the States Building”) that has been empty for three years. According to the report “The state is trying to negotiate a sublease with an entity that needs capital office space, Neal said.” Mr. Neal is quoted as saying, “That office is in a building that is prime real estate…”.

So what does “trying” look like I wonder? Has the governor’s office run ads in some publication? Posted it on some governmental bulletin board? Made a few calls? Does “prime real estate” in our nation’s capital really languish for three years? If anyone, anywhere, ever again runs for office on the premise that a businessman knows how to run a budget — 2 words — Don Carcieri.

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