There’s A Moose Loose On The Internet. And Some Owls, A Girl In A Boat, and Some More Owls.

summer-1 Just a heads up that tonight the Tiny Showcase summer prints go on sale. Four 8X10-ish prints from Andrew Holder, Ryan McLennen, Julie Morestad, and Amy Ruppel.

Luckily, you don’t have to stay home and wait to buy them at 7:30 the way you do with most of their prints–these are unlimited and will be available through the summer.

Sadly, though, I blew my monthly shopping budget on Jen Bekman 20X200 prints this month (damn affordable art!) but come July the moosey Ryan McLennan one’s totally going in my kitchen.

(On an unrelated note, can you believe that the foolish picture above is the first result when you Google image search ‘summer’?)

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