Former Prov. Peeps Fern Knight Get Big-ish Ups At Pitchfork


Aww, it’s nice to see some (formerly) Providence music folks make good out in the real world, and yesterday the meanies at Pitchfork bestowed upon Fern Knight’s new Fern Knight a 7.1, and had a bunch of really sweet things to say about it:

“The album fairly overflows with images of greenery and the natural world, as [Margaret] Wienk’s lyrics abound with fiddlehead ferns, waves of seafoam, various forest critters, and romantic beds of pine needles and moss. Throughout the album, however, a dark undercurrent of trouble and dissonance lurks beneath these deceptively placid idylls. On the opening “Bemused” the group’s subtle washes of cymbal, harp, and acid guitar loom like ominous thunderheads, while James Wolf’s violin provides a spot-on melancholic tug to the lovely, haiku-like “Hawk Mountain”.

Check out some of the music here and here.

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