Liberties my ass…

Upper Crust (jay_elliott) … let them eat ROCK! Okay, let me get this straight, Ted Widmer, noted historian and director of the John Carter Brown Library at Brown University, was once guitarist Lord Rockingham of the Boston band The Upper Crust? Am I the only one who did not know this? The band is still fopping and rocking, but after the recording of “The Decline and Fall of the Upper Crust” Mr. Widmer left to become a speechwriter for President Clinton. (In all honesty I’m not altogether sure if he is even in the above photo, but does it really matter?)

He may be known to some locals as the trouble-making Martin Van Buren buff biographer who shook up the Atheneum lecture series; or to Slate readers for his Moby diss (thank.. you.. Ted). Today the ProJo ran a profile and a generally favorable review of his new book ‘Ark of the Liberties: America and the World’. I met him once and liked him right away, but now I really really like him.

Let Them Eat Rock is the 2004 Upper Crust documentary featuring Mr. Widmer, as well as the title of their 1995 album.

(photo:Jay Elliot)

8 thoughts on “Liberties my ass…”

  1. not in that photo, but an awesome guy and an awesome band. i was just thinking today as one of their songs came up on my ipod shuffle how much i’d like to see them return to providence. not likely though….

  2. Holy crap I saw these guys at the met in like 1997. I still listen to the album. They certainly are the creme of the crust, I just thought I was the only one who knew it. can’t wait for the movie.

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