Happy 1988!

Remember awhile ago when I posted that New Kids On The Block survey? Well, the results are in, and I’d like to thank all three people including myself who voted.

Which New Kid did you think had the right stuff back in olden times?

Danny 0.0% 0
Donnie 0.0% 0
Joey 33.3% 1
Jon 0.0% 0
Jordan 66.7% 2

Been a few years and you can’t deny the thought of whom still drives you crazy?

Danny 0.0% 0
Donnie 33.3% 1
Joey 33.3% 1
Jon 0.0% 0
Jordan 33.3% 1

Surely Darrell West is analyzing the results as we speak. But you know what’s better than the new New Kids On The Block single?The new Menudo single. Really, I’m not kidding. Listen!


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