T-shirt design contest

brandoAttention artists. Help RIPAC design their new T-shirt and if your entry is chosen you can win… a brand new T-shirt! Well, it’s all about the glory really. And the cause. RIPAC is the medical marijuana advocacy coalition that helped our enlightened legislators make marijuana possession legal for qualified patients. But the battle for availability continues. Our decidedly unenlightened governor has vetoed a bill that would have formed a study commission to look into the creation of Compassion Centers. (Musn’t have information… might be dangerous to learn things.) So the sale of the new totally awesome T-shirts will help fund RIPAC’s continuing efforts in this area. (And yes, we all love Harold and Kumar, but this is about medical marijuana.)

deadline for entries July 29/one or two colors only/send entries or questions to RIPAC, 145 Wayland Avenue, Providence 02906/or info@ripatients.org

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