Dance Dance Party Party TM


To anyone who’s wondering, we’ll be dancing EVERY FRIDAY at Perishable Theatre in downtown Providence 5:30-7:00, ALL SUMMER LONG. Our stress doesn’t go on vacation and neither does DDPP.

*Dance Dance Party Party is a hit ..every Friday night, 5:30 PM, in the 3rd Floor dance studio at Perishable Theatre, 95 Empire Street. *Perishable is located downtown, an easy walk from, well, everything else downtown*. Dance Dance Party Party is $5 per session, no reservations, no registration, no stress, no problem, just show up.*

THERE IS NO TEACHER so ladies can feel free to do what they want. Want to spin? Spin! Want to jump? Jump! Want to sit in the corner and do yoga? Sweet! Do it!

Dance Dance Party Party is just like being out at a club with girlfriends without the expensive cover charge and sweaty dudes grinding on you (ew) and trying to get yer number (no).

Leave the painful high heels at home, but bring workout clothes because you will SWEAT!

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