PSA: Beach Closings because of Bacteria

Camp Grosvenor Beach in North Kingstown
Gorton Beach Pond in Warwick
Oakland Beach in Warwick

The Dept of Health closed these two beaches today because of high bacteria count. What they don’t tell you in the news is that it’s fecal coliform. You know, POOP!

You wanna know how it gets to the pristine bay? I’ll tell you. Every time it rains hard, the sewage treatment plants overflow into the rivers and streams that lead to the bay (and sometimes even directly into the bay). We all know that road runoff goes there…but did you know about the sewage infrastructure? I’ll guess not.

Don’t swim in the poop. Contact your local politicians and non-profits like environment RI and clean water action to make a difference.

2 thoughts on “PSA: Beach Closings because of Bacteria”

  1. I’m pretty sure that the overflow project JB mentions is for Providence and north. Or is there a similar project for Warwick and Cranston?


    There is a huge project underway for years now to alleviate this and I doubt most people are even aware of it-the Urinal had a story on it

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