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Believe it or not, the folks here at Daily Dose have asked me to continue in my duties as Ombudsman. Apparently, like all people in abusive relationships, they believe that if they love me enough I’ll eventually stop hitting them. So let’s get started.

 There’s a lot of new stuff here at…oops. I mean, I suppose it’s only natural that Rep. Segal, the Jeff Toste of the Local 121 set, would use the Dose to reach out to that crucial “unproductive hipsters who don’t even live in his district” vote. However, I can’t help wondering if he’s going to invoke the Equal Time Rule now that he has an opponent. Or will the Dose remain a bully pulpit for the incumbent and surrogates like Ari Savitzky, the Jerome to Segal’s Morris Day? Nonetheless, it’s encouraging to see that one can choose the rigorous career of a dedicated public servant and still spend an inoordinate amount of time dicking around on the internet.

Also not letting the demands of daily life stand in the way of his precious “seaching for obscure Britpop bands that nobody cares about on YouTube” time is “managing editor” Eric Smith. He far outshines Segal in the shameless self-promotion department, which is impressive considering one is a state representative, the other a marginally employed musician. Nonetheless, in between flogging his “DJ” night at 121 and his “job”, Eric still manages to find time to let us know what’s going on in the world of Hall and Oates. Truly, he is an asset to our city.

Since the last Ombudsman post, two contributors who were noted for the absence have returned. “Art director” Tim Blankenship is reported to be back on board, as you can tell by looking at the stunning improvement in the visual presentation of the site. Oh, well, at least he got rid of that “Digg” nonsense. Also back with a vengeance is the capo di tutti capi of the Dose’s Ivy League liberals, Ariel Werner, who was stunned by last week’s revelation that there is violence in our prisons.

One contributor who expressed displeasure with being overlooked last time was the incomparable Beth Comery. As I informed this personification of journalistic achievement, her magnificent work on the site is beyond reproach. How could I possibly take cheap shots at such towering contributions to the national canon as this, and this, and this? Oh, and don’t forget this. If only there were a Pulitzer for blogging. Of course, she would have some stiff competition from fellow Doser Matt Lawrence, the brain behind such Sy Hersh-ian dispatches as “Attention, Hairy Individuals” and “What Do You Do When a Fucking Faggot Wants Pizza?”

 Truly, the Dose continues to establish itself as one of our fair city’s priceless treasures. What do you, our dedicated readers, think?

9 thoughts on “More From the Desk of the Ombudsman”

  1. Ari Savitzky

    What an obscure, mildly insulting Prince reference you’ve concocted for me, John.


    Dave-Bernstein is retired and aside from routine family stuff is able to devote an inordinate amount of time to talk radio and the internet.(I actually worked wtih a partner from Hong Kong who always spoke in the third person-it was weird).
    I think one has to be a contibutor to come to the ombudsman’s attention.
    Annie-it does load a lot faster.

  3. Laugh all you want, but people still stop me in the street to thank me for taking a stand on the clam shack issue. I just try to speak up for the powerless, and be a voice for the dumb.

  4. Nice wrapup by the ombudsman. The blog is terrific (and seems to load faster than in previous months), and no digs needed for content, as all of your contributors are equally nuts. I mean great. I’m already seeing how quickly I can grow out my lambchops. Will anyone notice if they are made of cotton candy?

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