Boulevard Bike Lanes Inauguration 1PM today

einstein and bike The previously mentioned Blackstone Boulevard bicycle lanes will be officially opened today with a ribbon cutting (oh please have those giant scissors) and a press conference with politicians trying to take credit and out-green each other. But this is a good thing so I shouldn’t be snarky. Big props to City Councilman Cliff Wood for making this happen. I’m sure he had opposition. He has been known to tool around town on the coolest electric bike which I totally covet. You don’t even have to register (or pedal) those things.

So lots and lots of bicyclists and anyone else should head over to Lippitt Park, the park at the north end of Blackstone Boulevard with the big fountain monument, at 1:00PM today for the ribbon cutting and an inaugural bike ride. Thanks to the Mayor and Mr. Wood and everyone else involved. It’s all well and good to take rides in the country, but it’s time for city dwellers and commuters to get on board, and this makes it possible. Show the pols that you support these initiatives. More of the city bike plan will take shape this summer.

(Go here to sponsor a Rhode Island mile of the East Coast Greenway. More info on bike paths at Greenways Alliance of Rhode Island)

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